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Computational Modeling of Coupled Energetics and Mechanics in the Rat Ventricular Myocardium

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posted on 24.09.2020, 03:31 authored by Bahador Marzban, Rachel Lopez, Daniel A. Beard
This paper details a multi-scale model computational model of myocardial energetics---oxidative ATP synthesis, ATP hydrolysis, and phosphate metabolite kinetics---and myocardial mechanics used to analyze data from a rat model of cardiac decompensation and failure. Combined, these two models simulate cardiac mechano-energetics: the coupling between metabolic production of ATP and hydrolysis of ATP to generate mechanical work. The model is used to predict how differences in energetic metabolic state found in failing versus control hearts causally contribute to systolic mechanical dysfunction in heart failure. This Physiome paper describes how to access, run, and manipulate these computer models, how to parameterize the models to match data, and how to compare model predictions to data.


National Institutes of Health: R01HL144657 - Computational systems analysis of cardiac mechanical-energetic coupling in heart disease



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