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A Quantitative Model of Human Jejunal Smooth Muscle Cell Electrophysiology

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posted on 07.10.2021, 21:33 authored by Weiwei Ai, David NickersonDavid Nickerson
The Poh et al. (2012) paper describes the first biophysically based computational model of human jejunal smooth muscle cell (hJSMC) electrophysiology. The ionic currents are described by either a traditional Hodgkin-Huxley (HH) formalism or a deterministic multi-state Markov (MM) formalism. We create a modularized CellML implementation of the model, which is able to reproduce clamping behaviours of individual currents and whole cell action potential traces. In addition, some inconsistencies have been uncovered and discussed in this paper. EDITOR'S NOTE (v2): A typographical correction in the reproducibility report was made. (v3): This Abstract was appended with a note on changes made to versions.


Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment: 12 Labours project



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